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Tumbleweed Skies (2010)

by Valerie Sherrard(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 4
1554551137 (ISBN13: 9781554551132)
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
review 1: A nice simple story with excellent character development. Ellie is forced to stay with her Grandma Acklebee while her father tries to make money as a traveling salesman. But Grandma Acklebee doesn't want Ellie and is not very friendly or loving toward her grand daughter. Thank goodness Uncle Roger is loving and helps Ellie to understand her Grandmother and what her mother, who died when Ellie was born, was like. Summer on a farm in Saskatchewan was also very well-described.
review 2: If you read this book, you will really like it. This book is spcial because Ellie's dad really needs grandma to take care of Ellie but grandma does not want Ellie in the house. I think if you read this lovely book you will fall in lo
... moreve with it so much. I like this book because it shows how Saskatchewan used to look in the olden days. I like the history in the book. I like the way grandma let Ellie stay with her. I like the way Uncle Roger teaches Ellie cool things about her mom. I don't like how grandma was so mean. I hate that. You should read this book because it is a lovely book.JadeGrade 2 less
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Wished it was longer. I just wanted more from grandma. But I think she did make a change.
Denio only.
AR 4.8
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