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The Father Of Us All: War And History, Ancient And Modern (2010)

by Victor Davis Hanson(Favorite Author)
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1608191656 (ISBN13: 9781608191659)
Bloomsbury Press
review 1: Victor Davis Hanson, a historian with a background in Greek literature, has created a compendium of essays touching upon the importance of military history and its relevance to the conflicts of today. He asserts that in spite of the diminished popularity of military history in today’s college curricula, the study of past wars prepares us for the potential outcomes of future armed hostilities. Moreover, the past can enlighten us as to means of preventing the spread of such conflicts. This does not mean that Hanson is utopian in his views; on the contrary, he believes that bellicosity is intrinsic to human nature and will always be thus. To a great extent he blames our softening of resolve on the complacency inherent in an affluent society. This critique he extends to all ... moreWestern democracies.Therefore, he asserts, it is incumbent upon Western democracies to avoid the danger of appeasing tyrannical rulers. Although he seems to condone the recent American incursions into Iraq and Afghanistan, he is critical of our nation’s lack of proper preparation and follow-up. In spite of the pedantic style in which a number of these essays are written, the theory posited by Hanson is worth examining.
review 2: Understanding the Logic of War on the basis of our Ancient HeritageVictor Davis Hanson's book "The Father of Us All" is one of those books explaining an important aspect of our present world in a timeless and groundbreaking manner, so that this book can be recommeded to everybody. On the basis of our ancient heritage he examines the development of war and discovers basic insights into the logic of war. With these insights it is much easier to understand what is really going on in this world concerning all those troubling wars and conflicts instead of following mainstream media opinions or weird conspiracy theories. Especially everybody who tries to oppose the "logic of war" should learn first how this logic works before deciding to oppose it. Because: Logic cannot be overturned - you only can use it in the right or wrong way. If you try to overturn something that cannot be overturned the result will be unpredictable and mostly unwanted. So first, you have to understand how the "logic of war" works. Then you will know how to make and keep peace. Victor Davis Hanson supports you in this. less
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This is another wonderful book on military history from the fabulous scholar Victor Davis Hanson.
Some parts are provocative. But he makes many hidden assumptions that I did not agree with.
An excellent book on the tragic necessity, and vicissitudes, of war.
VDH writes well.
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