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Ink Mage (2014)

by Victor Gischler(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 2
1477849300 (ISBN13: 9781477849309)
review 1: I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads. FTC guidelines: check!Ink Mage is the story of Rina Veraiin and her struggles with the letter I. Just kidding... and her struggle to reclaim her duchy from an invading army. She vows revenge against the (one-note) bad guy(s) who took it from her but she's just a girl, how is she going to accomplish this? Enter: tattoo magic system!Apparently, this book was originally released as a Kindle Serial but I received the full story all at once, which I was grateful for, because the action started right away and hooked me until I was finished. Instant gratification is the best, am I right?The characterizations in this weren't the best- the bad guy was just a grouchy dude who wanted power and sex... that was it. ... moreI like my bad guys to have layers like Tywin Lannister. The world building left something to be desired as well. We breezed through multiple towns but didn't experience much of the changing cultures or landscapes beyond fighting over a well in a desert-y place and a very brief bar fight in another.Strangely enough, my favorite character in this was Brasley, the drunken, gambler noble who goes ahead of Rina to the capital to try to secure her an introduction to the king. I wanted to read more about his machiavellian maneuverings and delicate (or not-so-delicate) "social climbing."The magic system was easily the best part of this book. It reminded me of the Iron Druid Chronicles in that Rina gets her powers through her body art but, unlike the Iron Druid, she isn't limited to earth magic. She can cast whatever spell is linked to the art. The possibilities are infinite!I would definitely read another book in this series. Despite some complaints about the characterizations and world, the pace was excellent and I am interested to see where Gischler takes this magic system. Fans of the Iron Druid Chronicles may enjoy this.
review 2: I was totally drawn into this story from the beginning til the end. Why oh why hasn't Mr. Gischler continued this story? I keep looking and anticipating the next part of this obviously unfinished story! I don't ever give a synopsis of books I've read. I feel it's absolutely redundant. But I will tell you that this is a great fantasy and the editing is spot on. I recommend this book to anyone. less
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Fun read. Ended about 2 chapters too soon but still a satisfying use of time.
This was a pretty good book, much lighter reading than my last few.
Very entertaining.
2 1/2 ✿'s
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