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Alix And Nicky: The Passion Of The Last Tsar And Tsarina (2012)

by Virginia Rounding(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 3
031238100X (ISBN13: 9780312381004)
St. Martin's Press
review 1: I read this book in preparation for our trip to St. Petersburg in June. In this book, the author really tries to figure out what both the Tsar and Tsarina are thinking at critical times in their family and public lives. Quotes from letters from both Nicky and Alix are analyzed. This book is rather detailed, but I am so glad that I read it. The photographs of the Emperor and Empress and their children are so beautiful. Because it is well known that they are all executed in July of 1918, one feels so much anguish and dread during the book. Virginia Rounding makes such an effort to truly try to know and understand the Royal couple, Rasputin and Ania.
review 2: This is the first nonfiction book that I have read on Tsar Nicholas II and his family. Obviously,
... moreI knew the basics and by reading a few fictional books on Anastasia and plain research I grasped a little bit of what their life was like. However, that is not what this book focuses on. Instead, from this book, I learned what the relationship was like between Alix and Nicky. As someone who knew nearly nothing of them, this book was an eye-opener. I was previously unaware of the absolute devotion that they had to one another. They sort of stayed in the "honeymoon phase" of their relationship for over 20 years. This book not only shows the lives of this family, but also interprets letters to find out emotions of them and decipher the sort of "love triangle" between the Tsar, Tsarina, and Ania. The great part of this book is that you don't have to be an expert on the Romanovs to understand it. Although a lot of information is given, it almost reads like a novel and explains what is happening so clearly that anyone can easily grasp it. I really did enjoy this book. less
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Brilliant - one of the better books I have read regarding the Romanov Family.
Very detailed. Almost too much information. Still, it's a compelling story.
Very interesting look at the later part of their reign.
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