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My Brave Highlander (2012)

by Vonda Sinclair(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 5
1478342773 (ISBN13: 9781478342779)
Highland Adventure
review 1: i liked the basic plot, the basis 4 the story unfortunately along the way i got dreadfully bored, i found it a pain 2 continue. yet i did finish the book but had 2 skip lots of pages. isobel was an incomparable beauty n had been married 2 a very old baron thus the reason y she was still a virgin though a widow. her husband had not been able 2 perform in the marital bed. she was now betrothed 2 chief torrin mc leod, laird mc leod but his heart was not in it n due 2 negligence on his part, his brother seized the occasion 2 force himself on isobel. he was desperately in lust wid her n cud not get her out of his mind lol:P isobel stabbed him n knocked him wid a jug while he broke her finger n hit her in the face. so isobel fled the mc leod manor wid her maid. on the way back 2... more her brother, she met dirk, rebbie n george. she had an instant rapport wid dirk whom she knew from her teens. infact dirk's dad had wanted an alliance between them but isobel's dad had refused. isobel came from a privileged clan, the mc kenzies were richer than other highland clans. neway it was a good plot as u can see n many intrigues involved but i did not feel any chemistry between isobel n dirk. infact i did not believe these 2 were in love. apart dat dirk found her very beautiful which she was, i dunt think he felt much 4 her. yes they did care 4 each other n it seemed more like a very affectionate relationship rather than 2 lovers madly in love
review 2: I am torn between 3 and 4 stars. The story and characters were great and well written as always. I liked the story a lot. My main complaint is that this female lead didn't seem as strong and grounded as the in the previous books. She seemed too, I don't know, easy and controlled by her lust for Dirk. He did what he did because of honor and what's right, and while that seemed a quality she admired, she didn't mind making him compromise that for what she wanted. Also, she never took a stand with him. When he told her to say away or that he didn't trust her, I mean, I didn't want her to run out into a snow storm like a ditz, but something. Instead she just found ways to compromise him. I guess I was not happy with the role reversal, but that is personal opinion and preference not poor writing. less
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I very much enjoyed this story. I loved the characters. I would recommend this book.
AWESOME, Should be two more to this trilogy still to come , can't wait.
I love this story, very original and I couldn't put my Kindle down!
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