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American Romantic (2014)

by Ward Just(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 4
0544196376 (ISBN13: 9780544196377)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
review 1: I really struggled to relate to the main character, Harry Sanders. In a novel that is essentially a character study, this is a somewhat fatal flaw. Sanders is a rather mediocre personality, and the book follows the whole span of his foreign service career as he moves from assignment to assignment with no real purpose or passion. Perhaps the intent is to motivate us to look at our own lives and hopefully run screaming "I better do something meaningful now."
review 2: A beautiful book. A slice of life with all of the disappointments and joys that life brings. The book starts as if it was written by Alan Furst but with the setting being early American involvement in Vietnam. But Just shifts gears and presents a look at the life of a man who devotes his life to
... morediplomacy and who searches for a long lost love. Well written, believable characters, heartwarming. Well done. less
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couldnt finish...just a bit boring after "the confabulist" and the donna tartt i have read lately...
Really a 3 1/2, but after a slow start I couldn't stop reading it. It had good "atmosphere."
An excellent book by Ward Just. He uses his journalistic skills to write excellent books.
The life of a career diplomat.
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