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Fly By Night (2011)

by Ward Larsen(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
1608090299 (ISBN13: 9781608090297)
Oceanview Publishing
Jammer Davis
review 1: I always like these "thriller" books - a US drone goes down in Africa, falls into the wrong hands, and of course a hero has to come along to save the day. It helps if he's a little bit of a maverick - makes him and the story all the more interesting. I did check out a map of Sudan to see exactly where I was while reading this book and some pictures online of the vintage DC-3 airplane. It made me appreciate everything our hero had to go through.
review 2: Someone recommended this book to me so I planned to read it. For one reason or another I thought I would NOT like it but I was wrong. It's a fast moving story featuring an interesting character, Jammer Davis, who is an air accident investigator. In this case it's the crash of an ancient DC-3 in Ethiopia. But, a
... mores one would expect, there's a lot more going on that the crash of a 70 year old plane. I plan to read another Jammer Davis book. less
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Book bub book....Why do I keep downloading these free books? Boring, contrived etc etc
This is the best suspense novel yet from Mr. Larsen.
Great read. Fast paced action.
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