2017 Reading Challenge-Got some serious reading to do

Ready Player One Plum Spooky    by Janet Evanovich

The World of Vikings    (TV series Coffee table book)

My Favorite thing is Monsters by Emil Ferris

Is your House Haunted

Hot Six

The Witch of Black Bird Pond

Coulrophobia & Fata Morgana by Jacob M. Appel

Strange but True VAMPIRES from beyond the Grave by Rowan  Wilson

Dog Gone, Back soon-Nick Trout

Fear  of Frying by Jill Churchill

How to get a date with a Vampire by Kiki Olsen

L is for Lawless by Sue Grafton

War & Peas by Jill Churchill

Lover Avenged – J.R. Ward

 Addition by Toni Jordan Goosebumps Say Cheese and Die by R.L. Stine

I read this one in a day and I read it just for that reason. Also If I catch the Goosebumps show on I still watch it. So sometimes its just nice to read a short book and I think I’ve heard of this story before. The kid finds an instant camera in an old house that takes photos of what will happen instead of what you are actually photographing. being it was just a bit over 100 pages I thought I’d cheat a bit and get another book finished for my Goodreads challenge (I think I have like 20 books to read and I have only read oops Only 10 and I’ve got 25 that was my target to finish)




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