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Forgotten Soldiers (What Happened To Jacob Walden) (2012)

by Warren Martin(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 4
Warren Martin Books & Little Elephant Publishing
review 1: Free download = too many grammatical errors? I should be an editor. Good book, though (through ch. 5).June 9, 2013: Final review. Grammatical errors were distracting. How does that happen?? Other than that, about half way through the book, I realized it was fiction. I honestly thought this was non-fiction. Good story, the author did his research, and the last 25% of the book (Kindle edition, don't know how many pages that involved), I couldn't put it down.I'm actually torn between 3 and 4 stars, but due to the grammatical issues I'm sticking with 3.
review 2: So far this book has been interesting. I am reading the Kindle Edition, which so far has been very distracting with the grammatical and spelling errors. These distractions aside, I've definitely found my
... moreself somewhat unwilling to put the book down. This book definitely offers a very different perspective on a time in history. I will update this review when I have finished reading the book. So far I am half way through.Having finished the book, I must say this book is highly recommended. The story, though fiction, isn't nearly as far fetched as some would like to believe. The world perspective is very interesting as well. Definitely plays on the conspiracy theory mongers among us, but again not so far fetched that at times you do question if the book is fact or fiction. less
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Slade me feel like it was real. Bated to put it down.
Somehow I understood this as non-fiction book. Don't make the same mistake ;)
Very interesting revelation of the forgotten POWs and MIAs.
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