7 lots from an auction catalogue

Important artifacts and personal property from the collection of Leonore Doolan and Harold Morris, including books,street fashion, and jewelry by Leanne Shapton is a novel told in the way of an auction catalogue. It’s a brilliant idea and it plays to my weaknesses, as I’m the nosey kind. But, and I’ve pointed this out before, no harm done as these are not real people. A few of the items “for sale” that I might just have put a bid on.

  • Lot 1026- A Smythson of Bond Street day to a page diary; I have a weak spot for anything Smythson. At some point  I will get some personalized stationary. And a few of their notebooks. My hot pink camera case from Smythson that I use for my emergency meds has been in my bag every day for three years, still in great knick. Quality goods.
  • Lot 1069 -A group of striped clothing items; I can never have enough striped clothing but I’m suffering a shortage due to things falling apart, and my reluctance to buy anything new has intensified since reading yet another book about the fashion industry. Buying second hand is a reasonable middle way. This lot includes both cashmere and Sonia Rykiel so all my bases are covered.
  • Lot 1077 -Du Maurier,Daphne Don’t look now and other stories; wonderful cover on this edition(the one in the catalogue that is) pure 80’s kitsch. Since reading Rebecca I’ve been meaning to read more by du Maurier.
  • Lot 1012 -Cast-iron flower frogs; I already have one of those clever little Japanese “hedgehogs” to put at the bottom of vases when making arrangements but have been on the look out for “frogs” i.e. slightly bigger and often with spirals you can but flowers in. Makes arranging flowers easier.
  • Lot 1177 -Six jars of homemade strawberry jam; I often give away homemade things around Christmas but these have the words “Tidings of comfort and jam, love from Hal and Lenore” and “have a Berry Christmas, love from Hal and Lenore”. Great puns, I wish I would have come up with them and I must use it sometime(bc. puns are lyfe as the kids say)
  • Lot 1242 -Elsa Schiaparelli astrakhan coat; An amazing coat in size 36 with a short sleeve. Supposedly belonged to Maria Callas at some point. Doesn’t everyone want this coat?
  • Lot 1267 -A candle with a handmade label; to make my own scented candles is something I very much would like to manage, and I have failed a few times already so I’m getting there. I dissect candles and try to figure out what works and not. This would be purchased for research purposes. Also it looks like it’s a reused Diptyque glass and I need a few of those as they make great double old-fashioned glasses when used up. However this one is a bit overpriced. No reserve noted so might make a sham bid.
  • -Suss

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