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Sammy Keyes And The Wedding Crasher (2000)

by Wendelin Van Draanen(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 4
Sammy Keyes
review 1: Sammy Keyes and the Wedding Crasher was a pretty decent book because of how somebody you know who’s innocent is actually revealed to be a suspect. I couldn’t stop reading near the end because of how the climax of the book is revealing by the words written from the author (Wendelin Van Draanen). The author did a great job with illustrating the action that’s taking place. For example, “‘How about we start with for perpetrating fraud, dude, and I’m sure we’ll have at least a dozen other changes before this is done, dude.’ ‘But...I’m the victim.’ Police sirens have been approaching, and as two black-and-white units with racks of flashing lights zigzag through stopped traffic to reach us, I open the back doors of the SUV and step out. When Mr. Vince sees m... moree, his jaw drops. ‘Sammy?’ ‘Yeah, Curveball, it’s me.’ He blinks at me, then wails, ‘No! No! No! No No!’ and then starts beating his free fist against the SUV,” (pg. 285). The words and expressions used in this excerpt demonstrates a strong climax. I can infer that the author wanted to show the outcome of a person who is proven to be accusing someone else when he personally is the suspect. This is because as a rule, in most cases, suspects are the ones that would make mistakes, and when they do, they’re definitely busted! Given these facts, the great depiction in the climax of this book gives readers a reason why they should be reading it.
review 2: ROMANCE!! I'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU. Oh my door nuts. This book was So great. Just like every other book in the series, all of the plot elements, characters and dialogues are AMAZING. This book is my favorite in the series because of that ending!! I was SO shocked but happy that that all came together. The book was so funny, too. I had a couple of LOL moments. That's just what makes this series so great!! Sammy and Casey= BEST COUPLE EVER. I just can't get enough of their awkward moments together. I REALLY love every character, even Heather. She's just the perfect enemy for this type of series. I loved the whole ending. It was all wrapped up in about 10 pages, which is always good in a mystery novel, and it wrapped up everything good and I had no unanswered questions. Overall, every book in this series is special in some way. Sammy's growth throughout this series is unlike any characters' I've ever read. Even in YA. I LOVE this series, and I heard that #17 is inspired by Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile. I ALMOST DIED WHEN I HEARD THAT. Two of my favorite authors, all in one? WHAT IS MY LIFE?? less
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Well, as usual Sammy has managed to do something to help out and get her in more trouble!
If Sammy Keyes and Veronica Mars could meet, they would be an unstoppable pair!
Adorable middle school romance and detective story.
A great series for pre-teens and young teens.
“It’s about time!” :)
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