My Single Friend by Jane Costello

Rating: 3 Stars ★★★☆☆

Some might say I don’t need another pair of glossy black shoes with a to-die-for heel. Particularly when, to the untrained eye, there are eight similar pairs fighting for space under my bed.


Lucy, has a great job, but she’s not happy being single. Yet all her dates turn out disastrously, mainly because she can’t stop lying to them. She invents a different life for herself on every date, one where she’s sporty, has fascinating hobbies or knows about modern art – depending on the guy she’s out with. It usually backfires.

Her roommate and best friend since childhood, Henry, does not understand why she feels the need to lie. After all, she’s loveable just the way she is.

When Lucy decides Henry needs a makeover, he doesn’t realize how much his life will change. With the help of her two best friends, Lucy takes Henry from an odd-jumper-and-ugly-glasses wearing guy with a bad haircut to a swoonworthy hunk. With unexpected results.


I don’t read a lot of romance, but I usually pick up Jane Costello’s books. I really like her writing style. It’s light and humorous and full of lovely people.

I liked Lucy, though honestly, I did not understand her decisions at times. She just got entangled more and more in her lies. It leads to some funny situations, but also to some cringeworthy ones.

The romance per se was no surprise at all. It’s pretty clear from the beginning what will happen.

Henry and I have known each other for nineteen years and in that entire time there hasn’t been a flicker of attraction between us.

Yet there isn’t a person on earth I adore more. He’s the intelligent, thoughtful, excellent-birthday-present-buying brother I always wanted – instead of Dave, who forgot for three years on the trot then made up for it with a hot-water bottle gift set. (I was born in July) In short, I love Henry to bits. But I’d still never sleep with him, not if my life depended on it – and the feeling is mutual.

I felt it was a bit of a shame that Lucy only realized she liked him after he’d had a makeover and suddenly looked hot. It was a bit superficial on her part.

Instead, his clothes enhance a physique which I never paid a moment’s attetion until recently. One with sculpted biceps, a tight stomach, a broad, muscular back and perfectly-formed buttocks. It’s hard to believe that’s always been there, unnoticed and unloved.

Still, I enjoyed it, because their chemistry was believable. Henry was sweet, thoughtful and a great friend.



A sweet romance and fun to read.

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