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Shades Of Honor (2002)

by Wendy Lindstrom(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 3
Rustic Studio Publishing
Grayson Brothers
review 1: This is a triangle love story between two brothers Radford and Kyle Grayson and Evelyn Tucker.Does Love and Honor have the same meaning?What do you suppose attracts people to each other?I think it’s deeper than physical attraction don’t you?"It’s the resonance of a laugh that can belong to only one person, the emotion they show when they touch something, the things a person says with their body and eyes. That’s what I think attraction is made of.” (Author’s words)After moving from place to place with his daughter Rebecca, Radford’s return from the Civil War has left him with disjointed nightmares that he can’t suppress, vivid recalls of the bloody battlefields, the death of his friends, and worst of all, a hidden secret that drags him into his own darknes... mores wrought of physical violence, and the horrors of the shame of his own honor. All he wanted to do was go back to a place where he was happy, a home he shared with his four brothers and a loving family. A place that was familiar, he was tired of running from his past, he had to give his daughter who had suffered at the hands of a mean nanny and suffered on her own, a place to call home, a place where she could be loved and maybe, just maybe, be able to be a normal little 4 year old girl. He had no other choice, he had to go, it was time.Evelyn, a plain Jane country girl, grew up playing with the Grayson boys, especially Kyle, who was her best friend, a boy that was always there for her, sharing their dreams together in the fields of their home. But when Radford returns home after the Civil War, she becomes enamored with his love for his daughter and the vulnerability and sadness that pours from his very being. She doesn’t remember much about Radford from her childhood as he was the oldest of the Grayson brothers, but she can’t fight the pull, the invisible bond that they immediately form. The problem is, she is engaged to his brother Kyle, What a mess!Evelyn becomes attached to little Rebecca and only wants to help the child, pull her out of her quietness, take the sadness from her little eyes and give her a childhood that she so desperately needs. To be a happy, laughing little girl. But this only adds to the sad situation of her engagement to Kyle. Kyle has changed; he’s not the same boy she grew up with. She can’t talk to him anymore, the spark is missing that she experiences when Radford touches her. And what is a monkeyshine? Lol, you’ll find out all these questions when you read this book.The book tends to want to drag just a bit, but hang in there with it; it’s well worth it in the end. I think because the author has so many scenes of everyday life in this book it’s what makes it so good. She introduces the characters in a way that makes you feel like you’re sitting in a tree just watching the events unfold before your eyes. You want to reach out and put your arms around little Rebecca and at the same time shake the shit out of the adults. When Radford finally opens up about his past, which you know is going to happen eventually, the author’s way of describing the horrors of the Civil War, the scenes of the battles, the death and destruction will make you cringe. No doubt there were a lot of things that us average people in our generation does not know unless you’ve done extensive reading on the subject, but this author has definitely done her research on the subject. The scenes are vivid to say the least, the way she describes the horrors will become so vivid in your brain that it will leave you heartbroken and a feeling of such sadness at the loss of so many of our young men in our history that was a part of who we are today.I was very impressed with this author’s style of writing this book. I really, really liked this book and since there is so much of the story that she has seen in her mind, I want to read this book again just to see what I missed the first go through. And I will definitely read the stories of the three remaining brothers. I think though that this series of books, you have to read this book first because of so much of the history of the family, it is setting the stage for the following brothers’ stories.I loved the cover on this book too; It’s a beautiful cover in my opinion. I hope you’ll read this book, I highly recommend it.
review 2: Another feature the goodreads mobile app does not provide is the hiding of spoilers. There are not huge spoilers here but I did include a Spoiler alert near the end of this review in case. This must be an example of what romance novels were like before sex was ever involved. It's a sweet, nicely-drawn story, interesting characters but had I known it was a "clean" story I would not have read it. I see one review on here referring to it as porn but the nearest it comes to "porn" is a reference to her private curls. Once. Which, by the way, are as intimate as the details get it. Unless you count time the hero touched her breasts. Although the reader will have to take the hero's word/inner dialogue for that since there are no details. THE FOLLOWING MIGHT BE CONSIDERED BY SOME: They don't consummate this relationship until the last chapter. I believe that's what happened the night her fiancé/his brother caught them shortly before the wedding. That's the conclusion the readers draws by reading through the lines. And then of course at the very end the reader assumes they have sex the night they got married and then went to their marriage bed. This is, again, case of me picking up a book without really researching before reading. I kept reading because it was not poorly written and I kept wanting something to happen. less
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My first historical romance novel, very nicely written. Enjoyable, easy read.
Enjoyed this one a lot more that the second one. But still like the series.
Made me cry! Very good characters
Very good read!
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