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The Candymakers (2010)

by Wendy Mass(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 2
0316002585 (ISBN13: 9780316002585)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
review 1: If you've noticed, I've almost read every book from Wendy Mass as you can see comments from me ;)I have an addiction to candy, and whenever I read this book, I scream with jealousy, as they make any kind of "Junk food". I recommended this to anybody who LOVES candy! But the point is it's really great, I hope everyone likes this book. It's great to snuggle up on your bean bag with a nice warm cup of hot cocoa!!!!
review 2: I really enjoyed the idea of the story. 4 children creating the new revolutionary candy! I have always been a fan of cooking and overall FOOD! Logan's story was really cute, and the way he dealt with his tragedy was really touching. Miles was odd but when you understand his background you almost feel bad for him. Daisy made me really upse
... moret at first and almost at the end of the book, my entire opinion changed about her. And Philip, everybody seemed to hate him at first, but you do get a soft spot for him. This is a mystery, and I'm not the biggest fan of mysteries, but this just seemed different. The mystery is solved about halfway through, but it ties in to the rest. It's written in 4 different parts (one for each character) and repeats occasionally. Overall I loved the story! less
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I really liked this book. It has a really thrilling mystery and I would read it again.
best book EVER!!! I love this book. It was full of mystery and adventure
November 17: 65 minutesNovember 19: 25 minutes
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