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Die Mission (2012)

by Will Hill(Favorite Author)
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Department 19
review 1: The book Department Nineteen by Will Hill is about a 16 year old boy named Jamie Carpenter whose mother is abducted by vampires. This occurs two years after Jamie’s father is shot dead by members of the government. Jamie Hill is then dragged into a secret agency by the name of Department Nineteen, he learns that his father once worked for them and they have the resources necessary to help him rescue his mother. Jamie figures out that his fathers troubled past and his own anger may get in the way.One thing that I think the author does an amazing job with in this book is imagery, especially in action scenes, “The bullets from his gun had turned her chest to dark red jelly.(177)” There are things that are not great about the story though, for example the lack of devotio... moren the main character seems to show to his mother in the beginning of the book seems inconsistent with his actions later in the book. In the beginning Jamie basically ignores his mother and treats her like crap, but later in the book after his mother is abducted by vampires he responds with extreme rage (and even hysterical behavior) at anything standing between him and finding his mother. I also enjoy how well the book portrays emotions, “Jamie waited for the admiral to say more, feeling the heat beneath his skin, pushing his anger as deep as he was able.(147)”Overall Department Nineteen is a great book that would most likely be enjoyed by males between the ages of 13 and 16 because of its violence and sci fi/fantasy themes. It’s references to classic novels and authors along with the overall high quality writing could definitely attract different audiences though.
review 2: I saw a copy of this in my local book shop ages ago and decided I would buy it. It was on sale and sounded like the sort of thing I would enjoy, but it has sat on my shelf ever since. Until I knew Will Hill was going to be at YALC, then I decided I had to try to read it so I could meet him.I only started it the day before the convention as I had to finish the book I was already reading and I only got 100 pages into it, but in that first 100 pages I was hooked, the characters seemed to come to life off the page and I immediately felt connected and wanted to know more. I met Will Hill and he was very nice, friendly and we had a brief chat. He signed my book and I got a picture with him. It was awesome, and I knew I wanted to read the rest.Unfortunately I have had a bit of a block lately, I just haven't been able to concentrate on reading, and it's not this book. I even tried re-reading some of my favourite books, and books from series I know I love, but nothing was working. However I had a break through yesterday and seem to be getting back into my reading swing, so I sat down tonight (as I had an evening in) and finished this book. I have also read 100 pages of book 2 already. :)Department 19 is a secret organisation that trains operatives to hunt down supernatural beings, mostly vampires. Jamie thought he was an ordinary boy but when his dad is killed and his mum goes missing he starts to question everything and then he meets a large man named Frankenstein who introduces him to the Department and all it involves. His life changes for ever.This book mixes fantasy with history and folklore. Dracula and Van Helsing appear in the story and play a vital part in the events. I liked the mix of old legends and new, it works really well and makes you feel like there is more to the story, more to discover. That the characters actually have a history. It somehow made it feel more realistic and believable. I think my favourite character is Larissa though, she is a vampire but also way more than that and she plays an important role in Jamie's life. She has a no nonsense attitude and puts on a tough front, but you do see her moments of weakness and doubts and how she fights through them, which just makes her all the more kick ass. There is quite a lot of violence in the book and also a fair bit of gore - descriptions of blood and guts. So younger readers should be aware. But although I am a bit of a wimp, I didn't find it too bad, in fact I was kind of captivated, totally hooked into the story, so it didn't bother me as much.I am glad I picked up this book, and I can't wait to find out what happens to Jamie and the others. less
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it kuul and pretty good
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