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Dark Tiger (2009)

by William G. Tapply(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 3
0312379781 (ISBN13: 9780312379780)
Minotaur Books
Stoney Calhoun
review 1: Meet the world's most laconic special agent: Stoney Calhoun, an occasional Maine fishing guide who runs a sport shop with a beautiful female partner. We learn he woke up some years back in a VA hospital with no memories and unexplained talents for languages, weaponry, etc. Apparently, on occasion, a mysterious stranger appears and through intimidation or logic convinces him he should take on assignments that he is perfectly well suited for. As readers of course, we have no idea why he coalesces but then neither does his loving partner who we gather, also knows little or nothing about his past. I realize that this is the third in a series but I think the reader is in need of a little more background than is given in this version of the succession. The laid-back Stoney... more, takes on the assignment, accomplishes the task through guile, without even messing his hair and returns to the loving arms of Kate, his partner. As a mystery it works, but the main character requires a major level of credulity that's hard for me to provide.
review 2: “Dark Tiger” is William Tapply’s latest installment in the Stoney Calhoun series and unfortunately, will be one of his last due to Mr. Tapply’s recent passing. Stoney is trying to live his life out peacefully as a co-owner of a bait and tackle shop just outside Portland, Maine. He has no recollection of his former life since waking up in a VA hospital seven years prior. He is often visited by the “Man in the Suit” who checks to see if Stoney has regained any of his memories and also has “jobs” for him to complete. If Stoney does not comply, the mysterious government official threatens to make life difficult. In Dark Tiger, Stoney is asked to solve the murder of a federal agent and a local girl at a remote fishing resort in upper Maine. Along with his sidekick Ralph, his faithful Brittany Spaniel, Stoney takes on the role of a fishing guide and searches for the answers to the mysterious deaths. Tapply’s vast knowledge of fly-fishing and the Maine wilderness inspires the outdoor adventurer in us all but with a limited number of characters; the ending was not very surprising or revealing and left us wanting for more mystery and less details of the fishing trips. less
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third book in enjoyable series of stoney calhoun. easy way to pass the time.
Brady Coyne books are better for me...this series isn't.
Not as good as the others in the series. A quick read.
Good author, good book.
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