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Outwitting Trolls (2010)

by William G. Tapply(Favorite Author)
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0312531273 (ISBN13: 9780312531270)
Minotaur Books
Brady Coyne
review 1: #25 in the Brady Coyne series. Goodreads lists this novel as #28, which they obtain by including the 3 collaborations with Philip R. Craig, wherein Brady Coyne joins forces with Craig's protagonist J.W. Jackson. This is the final Brady Coyne novel and was published posthumously after Bill succumbed to leukemia in July 2009.Brady Coyne gets a call from a former neighbor. Ken Nichols' marriage fell apart and Ken moved to Baltimore. A decade later, Ken contacts Brady for a get-together. The next day Brady gets a call from his ex-wife. She’s in Ken’s hotel room and Nichols is dead. Brady is soon trying to find the connection between these friends and the murders dogging their family.
review 2: OUTWITTING TROOLS is another in the Brady Coyne series. From an in
... morenocent get together with an old friend, to being informed that he is dead in his hotel room the next day and found by none other than his ex-wife. So easy for the cops to blame the ex-wife, discovering life insurance money, or not! Once again, Brady is in the thick of it in no time. I love his style, both lawyer and private investigator but all in the name of helping his friends. Once again, in no time you are drawn into this mystery and hooked…until you THINK you know who is the killer…but then again…maybe not!! less
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Patron Review:This was a very good mystery book with an escalating level of danger.
Good story for a summer evening.
a fun freebee
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