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Way It Works, The (2010)

by William Kowalski(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 3
1554693675 (ISBN13: 9781554693672)
Orca Book Pub
review 1: Walter Davis a young black man. In search desperately for a job has to live in his own car with no help from anyone. He has no mother because of cancer, and his father at a young age had left the family. Walter has no job, no family just his suit and a few hundred dollar bills. After applying to a few jobs, Walter heads to the post office to check his email and his mail. He steps up to the front counter and sees the most beautiful women he has ever seen. Walter tries to impress this girl, she does not know he is poor at least at the beginning she doesn't know. After a date Walter paid for he then invites her for another date with no money. Walter accidentally got towed and could not make it to the date. Walter is worried more about getting a job as of right now. He soon f... moreinds a job delivering a package and with that is enough to get his car back. He heads back to the guy in need of delivery and decides after that to make his own delivering business, he rounds up the poor and they decide to help him. Walter apologizes to the girl and continue to go out. Eventually they get married and live their life happy.
review 2: Part of Orca’s Rapid Reads series, this book is indeed a quick read, getting straight to the plot and skipping character development and setting. The story follows Walter Davis, a young, handsome, homeless man who lost everything due to the cost of his mother’s failed cancer treatments. Alone, he is fueled by apparently unstoppable resilience and ingenuity. His attempts to win the girl and land the job result in a rather unrealistic, neatly tied up ending. While it absolutely will give readers hope and an example of determination, the oversimplification of the issues of homelessness were a red flag. Told from Walter’s perspective, he also points out the color of his skin and those of others, a perhaps unnecessary addition (would rather have had more information about who these people were and less about what color they were). The dialogue was stilted and the plot moved quickly—NOT that it was fast paced, it simply skipped to the interesting parts.Good for reluctant readers.(Reviewed for Puget Sound Council) less
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Walter Davis a homeless man has to learn to accept that he had a bunch of bad breaks
A Rapid Reads about a homeless man, looking for a job and love.111 pages
it was s good book
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