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Rich And Mad (2010)

by William Nicholson(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 2
1606841203 (ISBN13: 9781606841204)
review 1: Not bad, but this seems to me to be more of a book written for adults with teen main characters than for teens. It kind of has "Save the Last Dance" syndrome too. It's trying to tackle way too many themes (abusive relationships, parents having trouble, first love and first sex, pornography, figuring out your identity, etc). I mean, I get that they're all tied together through the theme of love (a la Love Actually), but STILL. There's a lot happening.
review 2: what can I say I have a soft spot for the brits. Although I found this book predictable, sappppy and more than a little awkward, I still really liked this book. Granted because of it's origins I didn't pick up on some of the slang and references but most was nothing important or if not, nothing a quic
... morek google search couldn't fix. So pretty much what I'm saying is I really enjoyed this read. It was fresh and engaging. A recommend checking it out. less
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Not Nicholson's finest but well worth reading if you like his other stuff
Discussed in the Booklist YA Romance Webinar on 1/10/12.
So not worth it. I wasted my money.
Otra imagen de Weheartit♥
3 and a half, reallyyy cute
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