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Granta 127: Japan (2014)

by Yuka Igarashi(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 1
1905881770 (ISBN13: 9781905881772)
Granta Books
review 1: This is an uneven collection that includes (in my opinion) just a few standout pieces. It looks to me like a number of authors "mailed it in" for a check: I'm looking at you Tao Lin. By far the best submission was Hiromi Kawakami's Blue Moon, in which she ruminates on her mortality in connection with a trip to Russia. Other solid pieces include Things Remembered and Things Forgotten (Kyoko Nakajima), Pig Skin (Andres Felipe Solano) and Scavengers (Adam Johnson). Far too many pedestrian and banal submissions.
review 2: A very troubling mix of styles and stories, reinforcing for me the "otherness" of Japan and Japanese culture. The sexless marriage, the curative value of breast milk, mountains made of crumpled tin foil (ESPECIALLY the mountains) have stayed
... morewith me long after finishing the book. I read Granta because I want to try new authors and new styles, so I don't expect to always like everything. This collection gave me plenty to think about and I recommend it. less
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Quality varies, but do check out Yukiko Motoya (The dogs) and Tomoyuki Hoshino (Pink). T
Not so into all the stories in this book. The tinfoil mountains are cool though.
I liked this so much I'm thinking about subscribing!
loved it, varied and enigmaticly entertaining
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