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A Piece Of Me (2006)

by Yvette Hines(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
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review 1: This is Neal and Amana story. For a short story it read like a full novel to me. Neal and Amana were both involved in other relationships while caring for each other without examining those feelings. When tragedy strikes in both of their lives they are there for each other.I really enjoyed this story; it was loving, honest and very romantic. I highly recommend this book. A great read.
review 2: This is a good novella. I could definitely appreciate this story. I wish that it could have been drawn out. It was a great storyline for a full length story. There were some basic grammatical errors, but the premise was on point. My biggest complaint is that we didn't know what the male protagonist looked like. He wasn't at all how I pictured him, so I had to c
... moreontinually adjust my imagination to fit the story. I will read this author against to see where she is going with her writing. less
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The was a very good book, enjoyed it. Yvette Hines is becoming one of my favorite authors.
A short, sweet love story.
Very nice short story
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