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A Cupboard Full Of Coats (2011)

by Yvvette Edwards(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 2
1851687971 (ISBN13: 9781851687978)
ONEWorld Publications
review 1: There as something in this book that didn't work for me. I just didn't believe the characters motivations, their relationships, anything. I especially struggled with the relationship between Jinx and her mother, Jinx and Lemon and Lemon and Jinx's mother, not so much about Jinx's mother and Berris or Jinx and her husband and son. However thse three are crucial relationships in the book. I am sure that the writer could feel the emotions of the characters while writing them, but they just didn't reach me.
review 2: A cupboard full of coats is an intense, thought provoking story of jealousy, domestic violence and guilt. Set in London's East End, the secrets at the heart of the story are revealed through moving descriptions of the luxury "guilt" coats in her moth
... moreer's cupboard and sumptuous details of West Indian meals. The writing flows rhythmically, and the tale, while thought provoking, is sufficiently gripping. I was anxious to read on, and discover what role the main character played in her mother's death and how it would be resolved. Without giving anything away, I was pleased the way Yvette finished the tale and felt that it was the right way to end it. less
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Thought well written at the start - & it is - but tale is warped & did not enjoy story line
Tough subject matter. Domestic abuse, murder and statutory rape. Very hard to finish.
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