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StreetCreds (2012)

by Zach Fortier(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
146818945X (ISBN13: 9781468189452)
review 1: This guy has some stories that could potentially be really interesting, but the complete lack of editing makes it hard to read. I still have no idea what state this takes place in, and it's really irritating when he references people without properly introducing them. Also, I think the reader is supposed to completely ignore the fact that his practices as a cop are completely unprofessional. It's guys like this that contribute to our current terrifying borderline police state. We find out at the end that there's some mental illness going on there and it's like...yup, obviously. He should have left the force long before he actually did.
review 2: After throughly enjoying reading Zach's book "Curbchek" I was very excited when Zach asked me to read "Street Creds"
... moreand do a review for him! I was definately not disappointed! As usual Zach protrays a remarkedly refreshing honest account on his experiences working with the diverse gangs on the streets today. He lays it all right out there, the good and the bad by individual cases and gangs he was working with. I especially appreciate his honesty in speaking out on the corruption that exists within our police force. Although we all know that is exists, it is rare when it is publicized and even rarer by a fellow officer. I read this book in one day, once I started it, I read it cover to cover. Zach's patience and dedication to his career is definately an asset to the safety of our streets. Zach not only takes the time to get to know the different gangs and their traits, but also goes the extra step and tries extremely hard to get to know as many of them as possible as individuals. These are not just "cases" to Zach, they are individuals....and he treats them as such. As you are reading this book, Zach writes in such a descriptive way it feels like you are actually there beside him. I would definately reccommend this book to others to read!!! Another great job Zach! less
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Informative - educational - kind of sad to know all the things that really happen in the system.
More craziness from Zach Fortier, but still, good reading.
can you say BORING?
interesting read
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