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Eus (2012)

by Özcan Akyol(Favorite Author)
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904462069X (ISBN13: 9789044620696)
review 1: Na vele pogingen heeft Goodreads alsnog het boek herkend.De schrijver vertelt over zijn jeugd in Deventer.Hij kan goed leren, maar komt toch in het criminele circuit terecht.Waarschijnlijk mede door het gedrag van zijn vader.Wat hij allemaal uitvreet; voor mij is het eigenlijk niet te begrijpen.Uiteindelijk wordt hij gepakt en krijgt gevangenisstraf.Door diverse tv optredens weten we dat hij daar is gaan studeren en ook ditboek is gaan schrijven.Hij schijnt nu dus nog aardig terecht gekomen.Ik vond het interessant om te lezen over zulke jongeren, maar vond het op een gegeven moment wel wat veel van hetzelfde.
review 2: I absolutely loved this book. I have no idea why I'm writing in English since this book isn't translated yet, but oh well.This book is a really
... moregreat hit in the Netherlands and I bought it just before it hit the top-10 of most popular literature works of the Netherlands. As much as I hate pop culture, in every aspect of it, I have to admit that this book actually IS really good and I enjoyed every page of it, except for the sex parts, which I tend to skip since they don't add anything to the story. I enjoyed this book more than other popular works, like Harry Potter or the Hunger Games. I don't know what is with the other ratings of this book. Are they more fond of traditional Dutch literature, which mainly is completely depressing and disturbing?I've never read a Dutch work like it before. The cover already gave away something of that, quoting statements like 'Dutch literature will never be the same again' and 'the first real unscrupulous writer of the Netherlands'.They were right. The actions of the main character, Eus, are really disagreeable, until you watch them from his point of view. It's time to discover the minds of the immigrants, of the criminals.Also, even though the events described in the book are horrible and disturbing, the main character doesn't really care and just carries on with his life, only caring about money and girls. In most Dutch literature the characters break down completely when something happens to them, to never break free of that depression again.This book also hooks into your emotions, although at a completely different scale than in most Dutch literature works. As I already said, those books describe things in a way to terrify the reader, whereas here the actions are described matter-of-factly, and the only thing making you afraid is your own mind, trying to imagine how you would react.Because the Eus' point of view is so completely different from mine (a white Dutch 15-year old, smart girl), I almost couldn't put this book down to eat or sleep. It's been a looooong while since that happened last. But well, maybe I like this book where others don't because I like to adapt as many points of view as possible to understand the world around me...Although I have to admit that while reading this book, I've been swearing and acting aggressively towards others, yet it provided me with a boost of my self-confidence, which I can use really well in my life. And the best is: this book is actually based on the life of the author! Of course this book isn't completely accurate, but the main story line will have followed the story of his own life. I think it's really brave if you dare to write down your life story for millions to read.Btw, did you know that the author of this book has only started developing an interest in literature because he was put into jail, with nothing to do except for sitting in his cell? Then a guard decided to take him to the library, and a writer's mind was born.I have so much respect both for the writer as for the quality of the book itself, that I cannot rate it something other than 5 stars. A really well deserved rating, I think. I'm always open for a discussion :) less
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Het leest lekker weg, leuke vertelstijl. Ben benieuwd naar een volgend boek
Het begin vind ik sterk. Dat niveau weet hij niet vast te houden.
Beste slotzin uit de Nederlandse literatuur.
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