10 Books That Make Me Cry

I don’t cry a lot. And when I do, I’m usually not crying about one thing so much as a bunch of things.

But yes, some books do make me cry … or at least make my eyes water. And these are my top ten. Not in any particular order because, to be honest, who can choose? Not me. I probably should have done them in order of least to most tears, but eh. Too much work.

Onward and downward!

1: A Question of Honor

This amazing WW2 story by Jesseca Wheaton jerked some serious tears out of me both times I read it. I can’t wait to read the sequel! The author’s given me some sneak peaks, and they were almost enough to make me start crying again. All the emotions … *sobs quietly*

2: Gone with the Wind

This one is kind of obvious, but it really did make me cry! Especially the last chapter. I unashamedly love Scarlett O’Hara (see my defensive review here), and I couldn’t bear to see her heart smashed once and for all, even though she kinda-sorta deserved it. The movie made me cry, too.

3: Jane Eyre

There is one part in this book where the main character is driven into the dirt – as low as she can go – and it makes me cry every time. As does practically every event proceeding it. And several events after it. And the ending … *sobs* Honestly, so many emotions, both happy and sad! This is a masterpiece.

4: The Bird in the Tree

The ending … it just … just … *wails* Oh, wow! This book is so deep and beautiful and sad and happy and just … all the emotions get me every time. Especially when Nadine … okay, spoilers, but … wow!

5: A Memory Between Us

Most of the Sarah Sundin books made me cry as some point or another, but this one took the cake. For making me cry. I really haven’t been able to pick a favorite Sundin book yet …

6: A Girl of the Limberlost

Besides being my favorite book of all time, this is also a book that makes me cry regularly. Because I empathize with the villain. Go figure.

7: The Hunger Games

I’m just so sorry for everyone in this book. They need hugs. Or food. Or freedom. I don’t know which is the biggest priority, honestly …

8: The Scarlet Letter

This book is sooo emotional! The language is super hard to understand, but the elaborateness of it just makes it more emotional somehow.

9: Persuasion

Poor Anne. #enoughsaid

10: At Her Fingertips

What? I was tearing up the whole time I was writing it. It deserves at least an honorable mention.