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The Legend Of De Marco (2012)

by Abby Green(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 2
0263890600 (ISBN13: 9780263890600)
Harlequin (UK) Ltd
DePiero Siblings
review 1: This is another of the loosely linked series of alpha billionaires and the women who capture them. Rocco de Marco has baggage and plans for the future that don't include the kind of young woman who filches food from the buffet. Even if he finds himself attracted to her.Gracie is only interested in one man. Her brother who grew up with her in adverse circumstances and needs to make a fresh start. Her focus, like many of Green's heroines, is independence through her special talent. So when her brother is in trouble, the worst news is that his boss, said Rocco de Marco, intends to use her to find him.And while they are stuck together, that attraction becomes a liability for two people who at first glance have no future together.This is a very moving story and very engagi... moreng as we watch Rocco and Gracie did deep to find out who they are and unleash emotions hidden for years.This is a very satisfying read with a trademark Abby Green epilogue for a sneak peak into the future.
review 2: 3.5 stars, almost 4. I liked this one ok, but the emotional tension wasn't grabbing me. And usually I love this author. Thinking about it, what bothered me were the hero's cruel remarks toward the end. I don't mind (and often enjoy) some hero cruelty, but I didn't like the reason for the hero's cruelty -- in this case, mostly he was lashing out defensively because he was scared of his own emotional involvement. That made him seem weak and childish. I prefer when a hero's cruelty is motivated by the misunderstanding in the plot, not because he's scared of his own feelings.Overall though, this was readable, I liked the characters, and I was happy for the ending. less
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Overall rating -- 3.5 stars
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2.5 stars
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