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Leyenda De Pasión (2013)

by Abby Green(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 3
0373517750 (ISBN13: 9780373517756)
DePiero Siblings
review 1: Another of Ms Green's tour-de-force tales this time featuring down-at-heel waif Gracie O'Brien and Rocco de Marco (what a great name!) the billionaire who keeps her captive in his penthouse apartment in the hope she will lead him to her brother - a former employee who embezzled his money. Gracie has had a tough childhood and all her vulnerabilities are right there on the surface making her easy prey for the ruthless de Marco who's own tough childhood has left him guarded and determined never to love again. It's an incendiary combination when you add in the live-wire sexual attraction between these two... Green builds slowly to that first sexual encounter, and as a result the moment (well actually it's rather more than a moment) when they do finally get it on (on a kitchen... more table folks!) is searingly sexy and wonderfully combustible... Have to say after that I pretty much lost track of the plot (and all the shenanigans with Gracie's brother) because I was enjoying the cut and thrust between these two so much as Gracie in her indomitable way forces Rocco's injured heart out of hiding. Every thing a good Modern romance is supposed to be. And more!
review 2: I havent read Mills & Boon for a long long time so decided to read Abby Green. Abby is one of my favourite M&B authors, she is very thorough with her stories. Rocco & Gracie where just adorable together. Ok Billionaire Rocco had issues with trust like all M & B men, not trusting Gracie because of her brother who Rocco believed stole from him. This book is full on mind blowing sex, an alpha male and a woman who is stong and knows how to stand her own ground. I wish Abby Green would write for Divaspen cos her writing are soooo good but should be longer cos her hero & heroine are so captivating! less
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4.5 stars, rounded upSuperb book!
De Marco Efsanesi - Nisan 2013
Category: Classic Romance
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