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Jane Austen Goes To Hollywood (2013)

by Abby McDonald(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 5
0763655082 (ISBN13: 9780763655082)
Candlewick Press
review 1: In what is supposed to be a modern day Sense and Sensibility... Two sisters lose their father twice. First to the woman he leaves their mom for. Then, to death. It starts at the fathers funeral. The sisters, Hallie and Grace are very different. Hallie is dramatic, and selfish. Grace is level headed and organized. They are forced to move out of their beloved home because their father did not have his papers in order when he died. There is a wicked stepmother named Portia, of course. Going to stay in a new city with their producer cousin offers new situations for the girls to maneuver around. And, of course there are boys. I am not too sure if it's up to Sense and Sensibility standards but, a cute YA read.
review 2: I enjoyed it for the quick read it was (took 2
... moredays). My favorite part, however, was the postscript which is the very last part of the book and is only like 4 pages. I think I would of enjoyed it more if she had really developed the characters into characters you fall in love with. Both main characters to me are slightly annoying and not people you really get interested in until the end. Note: I haven't read the book it's adapted from so maybe I'm totally wrong and this is perfect but for the book it is this are my thoughts. less
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Great take on a classic. I loved figuring out who each character was in my favorite Austen book.
Hallie is the most annoying. character. ever.
It wasn't my type of book. Didn't like it.
Kind of hard to follow.
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