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Breaktime (2008)

by Aidan Chambers(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 4
081097262X (ISBN13: 9780810972629)
Harry N. Abrams
review 1: Breaktime is intended (at least in part) to be a thought-provoking book about the meaning of literature. It is definitely abstract and esoteric. It’s also a story about a boy on a quest that anyone who’s ever been a teenager can relate to. One thing worth mentioning is that was also written in the late 70s and most of it is solidly written in the voice of the main character, so it's contemporary dialect and slang (of a particular region in England), making it a little hard for me to follow at times (or at least I had to stop and figure out what was meant).
review 2: I think this is (out of the 3 I've read so far) Aidan's most abstract work. And I think, in order to give this story it's depth, it has to be that way. And I really like how creative he gets wit
... moreh the way he writes it. The story was very short for me- It only took me two days to read, but it was a good story, nonetheless. What I took from it is that: in writing fiction, it must be personal and come from personal experiences in order for it to be valid and meaningful. As this is one of my major philosophies on writing, I really loved the end of this book. less
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A presto ne parlerò su YouTube perché se lo merita davvero.
Aidan Chambers has won my heart once again.
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