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The Vampires' Last Lover (2011)

by Aiden James(Favorite Author)
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Aiden James
Dying of the Dark Vampires
review 1: The Vampire’s last lover is perfect for fans of the Vampire diaries. The novel is written from Txema’s point of view, who is nineteen, and it does contain plenty of teen angst. From what I can remember of my teen years, I found Txema’s emotional state so accurate, this book could have been written by a teenage girl.I did find the book enjoyable with an original plot and many twists, but I do think this book is more suitable for a younger audience or YA fans. The Vampire’s last lover is a unique story that will entertain.
review 2: Started reading this as someone in feedback said that this author has been added to their fav list and thought that sounded promising...I thought the story idea was great, an original twist on the vampire-story-bandwagon. It w
... moreasn't however executed very well. The writing didn't suck the reader in, it lagged (especially in the beginning) it wasn't pieced together well at all. The story would have you in a dramatic scene but would leave out all details as well as the end of the scene. It left the reader frustrated. Is it too much to ask for details? What did the scene feel like to the character(s) throughout the scene?? Example: Ski scene. It was bits and pieced together. Maybe it was just over-edited??The main character really irritated me. She was immature (especially around worldly and old vampires) she came off as a typical spoiled American young girl, which is okay as it's what the character was... but way overdone. She was selfish, childish, rude, had a complete inability to grasp the extreme danger of the situations she faced. She made stupid choices with little to no thought process. I find it humorous as she was picking terribly on the character Peter in the beginning about how analytical he supposedly is, yet you feel like pointing out all of her flaws. This type of thing takes a reader out of the story, you want to like the characters (good and bad) yet you end up not being interested at all here... and making the reader feel like that from the beginning.. thats not a good thing.Now for those characters.. they fell flat to me. I know they (most) are dead (according to this authors version of vampires) but they came off literally lifeless, loveless, uninteresting. I was a bit better 75% through, but then fell flat again near the end.The whole treatment of Peter, the whole ease of acceptance of her 'abduction' and the whole forced to procreate scene in front of 200 vamps was just... humph. If it had to be it should have been written better. It wasn't uncomfortable (it should have been for the characters) it just came off as ridiculous.I had hopes the whole way through for this to get better and for me it just didn't. I'm not even compelled to read the following teaser at the end. Two stars to be nice. Probably delete from my kindle. less
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Loved it. Now on to Book 2, The Vampire's Birthright.....
Actually a really nice idea and a nicely written story!
Pretty good book, and a new take on the vampire world.
Kindle Freebie 1.26.12
Review to come.....
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