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Love, Jamie (2009)

by A.K.M. Miles(Favorite Author)
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1907010114 (ISBN13: 9781907010118)
Total E- Bound
review 1: Jamie Taylor is a hunky, handsome, all around nice guy who works at a physical rehab centre. He takes excellent care of his patients and minds his own business. When Grant Stevens checks into the facility, Jamie has dreams and fantasies, but would never compromise a patient or his position. But once Jamie finds out Grant wants him, too, watch out!Love, Jamie was an enjoyable read with a great title (snicker) which called to me from the virtual bookshelf. AKM Miles has created vivid, likable characters, a dream dog who actually minds, and a villain so rotten the reader is rooting for him to get what he deserves. AKM does not disappoint. Pick up Love, Jamie for a heartwarming and spicy hot m/m read!
review 2: This is either my second or third book I have read tha
... moret was written by this author. It is my favorite one I have read by him (her?) so far. One thing I really like about this author writings, is the way the heroes are portrayed. They are always good people that are looking to whatever they can to help others. In some ways, Miles’ heroes are too good to be true, but I still like them immensely.Jamie Taylor works hard to help others. As a tech for a local rehabilitation center, he is working his way through college to become a professional physical therapist. He is well loved by the patients he cares for. He is a man who is very kind and thoughtful to others, and he has a very sweet soul. Because of the personable way he treats others, people have a tendency to gravitate toward him. When Jamie is asked to calm down a new resident at the center, he doesn’t think twice about doing what he can to help the new patient feel more at ease. The moment he lays eyes on Grant Stevens, he feels an electric current run through him. There is something about Grant that calls to Jamie’s heart and soul and he isn’t sure what to do about that. Grant was involved in a horrible car accident. As a high school football coach, he was popular with the students, but has often been called a loner. He has lived his life in and out of foster care, and has had to fight for everything that he has gotten in his life. He hasn’t ever really been attracted to anyone before, so he considered himself asexual, until he met Jamie. Jamie’s sweetness and honest concern for his well being catches Grant off guard. Soon they become friends, and for once in Grant’s life he is starting to count on someone beside himself.As Jamie and Grant’s relationship develops, they are terrorized by a co-worker that is jealous of the friendship that Jamie and Grant have. and feelings and affection that is growing between them. The closer Jamie and Grant‘s relationship develops, the stalkers behavior turns more violent. But, instead of allowing a stalker to dictate their relationship, Jamie and Grant become extremely close, and fall deeply in love with one another. Soon, the stalker becomes more desperate and everyone Jamie hold dear to him is in danger.I really loved this book. There were a few things that didn’t add up to me. The police’s attitude about the stalker and the time it took for them to catch the man drove me crazy. But, Jamie and Grant’s relationship was truly very well developed and well paced. Jamie is so patient with Grant. Grant has many insecurities because of his past, and Jamie was so patient and wonderful with him. Jamie and Grant are people I would be proud to consider as friends. They are both so likeable, sexy and well …NICE. *gasp*The sexual chemistry between them was pretty intense also. Grant is very inexperienced sexually, and Jamie is more that willing to guide him in the right direction. I loved Jamie and Grant. It really was a very loving erotic romance. 4.5 stars but I will bump it up to 5 less
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Heartwarming love story...Finding the right one for you
No. That's all I can say.
Loved this book.
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