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Wings Of Love (2011)

by Scotty Cade(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
161581731X (ISBN13: 9781615817313)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: Loved this story, it is beautifully written and I read the whole thing in one day I couldn't put it down and I can't wait to start the next in the series.I love to read M/M romance, some how they seem more romantic than most M/F romances out there today or maybe there just different.Brad and Mac were great together, the beginning was hard to read without crying and I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue I'm glad I did. The story just got better and better as I got further into it. I found it a teeny bit hard to swallow how fast these two fell for each other, especially after what Brad just went through with his long time partner and Mac never being in any kind of relationship like this one before. I know this stuff can and does happen but it felt like there were missing pag... morees to this story, it went from them being friends to BAM they were together, would have been better if the story was longer so that more time could be spent with them trying to come to terms with there feelings for each other, especially Mac. I got over that fast though and loved everything else about this story. Got to go now so I can start the next one, can't wait!!!!!
review 2: I flew through this book - it was a quick and easy read. Dr. Bradford Mitchell just lost his beloved partner to cancer. The truly sucky part? Brad is an oncologist. Devastated by the loss and by his inability to save his partner within his own specialty, Brad sells his practice and goes to the one place where he and Jeff were always happy - Alaska. Hiline lake is a place where they often vacationed and had dreams about one day retiring. They also made some friends there - Jake and Zander, the owners of the lodge, and Mac Cleary, the pilot who brings lodge guests to the lake. When Mac asks about Jeff and learns that Jeff is dead, he reaches out to Brad as a friend, using his own experience of losing his beloved wife to help guide Brad through his grief.When Brad comes across a cabin in the mountains that is run down but for sale, he knows that it's a sign that he should finally make his home here. Mac learns about Brad's interest in the cabin and, needing a home base for when he is flying guests back and forth, offers to go in with Brad on the house. This part was a bit unrealistic because I won't even cosign a house with certain members of my family, much less go in with someone I only kinda sorta know, but I recognize that Mr. Cade is attempting to build a relationship between these two folks. I think if Mac had originally rented a room and then eventually, after their relationship moved into strong friendship he offered to buy half, then I would have sucked that happiness up with a sponge. Just a small niggle though, and easily overlooked.My favorite part of this book was the way Mac and Brad's friendship grew. There wasn't even any strong attraction at first, just admiration. That made it very realistic for me. I do not enjoy the insta-love or relationships that are pure physical attraction. I really got a strong sense of their true relationship, because there wasn't any other distracting lust-crazed thoughts. less
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I love this book!Great characters, excelent plot, amazing rimming scenes!!
3.5 -4 not really sure on this one.
Love it!
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