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Love Unscripted (2010)

by Tina Reber(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 2
1451533969 (ISBN13: 9781451533965)
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review 1: I am 200 pages in and I jus don't care anymore.. It seems like this book is going day by day with the story line and the character development is missing I couldn't figure out who was who.. The main character mentally was all over the place.. I'm not a fan of authors who rush story lines but I'm tooooo impatient for those who take forever to get to the point.. Maybe I'll come back to it but for now I jus can't...
review 2: It's hard for me to leave book unfinished. This book went on forever! I liked the character of Ryan, but Taryn was not one of my faves. The love story dragged on forever and still left me feeling jaded about love since the two characters had so many trust issues. A little confused about the high rating on Goodreads. If you're looking for a
... morefun book to escape with for a bit, this is not that book. Feeling very frustrated. less
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Waaay too drawn out and sugary sweet. NO ONE is that selfless and perfect in real life.
slow beginning but it picked up in the middle
Good story though a bit too drawn out.
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