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Forget To Remember (2010)

by Alan Cook(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 3
1452072345 (ISBN13: 9781452072340)
Carol Golden
review 1: This book started off so well and good have turned into a really interesting crime thriller, but it quickly went downhill. It focused too much on aspects that I thought were irrelevant such as the need to be pretty and the constant references to previously modelling experience, and the need to please and attract men the whole while. I felt that these added little to the story and it would not have made much difference to progress if they were not there. Everything seemed to fall into place very quickly and easily and the main character didn’t have to do too much to find her true identity. The whole brother story was silly and took the whole plot from the believable to the unbelievable. It was ok to read in short bursts but I’m not sure I could have read it without... more reading other books at the same time as it simply did not hold my interest enough.
review 2: "Carol Golden" is left in a trash dumpster to die, Luckily for her Rigo Ramierez discovers her and calls 911. When she regains consciousness she has no memory of who she is. She is a non person. Rigo saves her from a homeless shelter and they meet a forensic genealogist, who tries to help "Carol" find out who she is. Add in trips to the East coast and a trip London, an airplane crash, a not so dead sibling, and a lot of money. It was a fun read. less
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A page-turner for sure. Entertaining read and well worth the .99 cost on Amazon Sunshine deals.
dumb. predictable, flimsy plot. barely worth the .99 i paid for it
Interesting premise, characters and situations Carol encountered.
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