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Thirteen Diamonds (2000)

by Alan Cook(Favorite Author)
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Lillian Morgan
review 1: Lillian Morgan is deep into trying to solve a murder of a fellow resident Gerald at her retirement community. But someone doesn't want her to solve the murder, they even go so far as to have her removed from the community. Lillian doesn't stop there, she won't stop til she figures it out. With the help of her friend Tess and Wesley they figure out that something isn't right with the director of their retirement community, and it's up to them to figure it out.Loved this book it was cute seeing an older woman crack a case instead of the younger ones we usually read about. I enjoyed the humor and math analogies in this story. A great cozy mystery!
review 2: Death by shellfish. Gerald was highly allergic to shellfish so who put it in the casserole the bridge
... moreteam ate and did they do it knowing he had an allergy? People are speculating on possible suspects especially those on the lunch committee. To top it off, Gerald was dealt 13 diamonds in his bridge hand right before he choked. Much to the dismay of some of the residents and her son, Lillian is doing her own sleuthing. Gerald was a ladies man so perhaps there was some jealousy. Perhaps it was payback for something that happened years ago. Something Gerald took sole credit for. Along the way, Lillian works on math problems and on solving a strange code. I like the characters and the story line. less
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Not my usual dark mystries but it was a very very very cute and good read. I really enjoyed it!
Pretty good geezer cozy. If you like solving puzzles - you will love this.
enjoyable - liked the characters - good intrigue - hoping this is a series
what a great find for 99 cents! Cozy (and very clean) mystery
good story - writing is a little rough
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