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Alan Moore's Neonomicon (2011)

by Alan Moore(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 4
1592911315 (ISBN13: 9781592911318)
Avatar Press
review 1: I had mixed feelings about this. I've read most Lovecraft stories and a number of spin offs. They all have a common style where this infathomable creature from other worlds terrifies people into insanity, revealing just enough to horrify and baffle. This humanized the monster, explained too much about the universe, and didn't really drive insanity or abject terror. I don't mind the alternate explanation given for the universe, it was an interesting idea. But I feel like just because this takes place in Arkham universe doesn't make it an Arkham story. Also, the orgy-rape thing was definitely the most dark and twisted thing I've ever read, points for that, but it was to the point of maybe being too graphic for me, almost to the point of being porn (horror porn?). I was a lit... moretle turned off by the inworld citing of Lovecraft but when I saw that he was using the story as a sort of commentary on the world and fandom, I got it. Also, I didn't understand the Asian merry quote at the end. This was interesting at best on its own, as a Lovecraft fan it was even worse. And as a big Alan Moore fan it was yet worse still.
review 2: I will begin this by saying I am not a comic book reader. My initial reaction to almost any comic is "too little text! I need more words!" It's just how I work. But I do love me some Lovecraft, and I really like Alan Moore's work. This story was great, all dark and gritty and freaky. So this worked for me, and the story was so compelling that it kept my frustration low. *and yes, I know, the art is super important and tells so much of the story. I love text. Just how I am. less
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It's just an insult to Lovecraft and his mythos. I expected more from Alan Moore.
that was REALLY sick, but you might like it, if you like h.p. lovecraft...
Pretty disturbing, but I still couldn't put it down.
It was better than I thought it was going to be!!
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