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The Incal (1988)

by Alejandro Jodorowsky(Favorite Author)
4.29 of 5 Votes: 2
1594650152 (ISBN13: 9781594650154)
Humanoids, Inc.
The Incal / L'Incal
review 1: Está novela gráfica es una cornucopia de creatividad artística, tanto gráfica como literaria. Es una obra icónica del género definitivamente.El único detalle crticable, es que la versatilidad e inventiva de Jodorowsky es admirable, el desarrollo de la historia puede sentirse convulso y espasmódico por momentos. Moebius es sencillamente un genio 10/10.En terminos de originalidad y arte, no tiene paralelo; es entretenida, colorida, diversa, espiritual, cientifica e interesante.4.5
review 2: Moebius: Great at art. Genius of western comics. Jodorowsky: Great concepts, but has the biggest, dumbest lead foot when it comes to execution. At the very least, can someone call a cease-fire to his out of control use of exclamation points? If you expect character dev
... moreelopment, coherent plot, robust and convincing dialogue, and any respect for subtlety at all, apply elsewhere. In fairness to Jodo - his films are amazing when any pretense of these elements of storytelling are bypassed completely. Surreal audiovisual experiences. But when you have something that resembles a plot, and you have enticing character concepts, and you have constant dialogue, and you have to spend more than two hours with it, it clearly kind of falls apart here. I have to admit, I'd probably be more forgiving if everything Jodorowsky releases here in the states wasn't prefaced by some hyperbolic statements to the tune of "the books the form was made for." I wonder if these people read that much? Science fiction, comics, or otherwise? less
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Story = A. Artwork = A+ The story is typical sci-fi cliche at first, but the ending is FANTASTIC.
Words can't describe my love for this masterpiece of fiction.
Art is better than the rating.
Moebius is a god with a pen!
Great end
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