Rock Climbing the California Coast

Fall 2015

When your university offers a rock climbing course, I highly recommend taking it.

This course was a combination of indoor rock climbing at a local gym, and outdoor rock climbing at various locations in the Monterey and Carmel area. We learned how to belay, boulder, and climb. My favorite outdoor climbing locations included Garrapata and Point Lobos.

Point Lobos

First time climbing outdoors was a thrilling experience. It was much different than gym rock climbing. The rocks are not as predictable and you use cracks in the rocks much more than you think. Your fingers get tired and you use your whole body as leverage to pull yourself up. There is no tape or colored rocks to guide you, you must focus on feeling rather than sight.



We rock climbed 10 feet from the water. There were options for usual balayed climbing, but there was also plenty of bouldering options, which I took advantage of here. Although the water was close, these rocks were perfect for climbing and my body felt capable of hoisting myself up. Rock climbing outdoors is interesting because you are constantly challenged. As I previously mentioned, the rocks are not labeled with their difficulty like in a gym, you must truly feel for what is most comfortable.

The way the California Coast rocks meet with the cliffs amazes me.

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