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The Shadow Patrol (2012)

by Alex Berenson(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 3
0399158294 (ISBN13: 9780399158292)
Putnam Adult
John Wells
review 1: Even though this book has a very good rating on Goodreads, I've read some fairly lukewarm reviews and I have to say that I'm somewhat mystified. I thought this was another excellent John Wells novel by Alex Berenson. In this one, the CIA station in Afghanistan is in tatters because a double agent blew up a number of CIA agents in one sitting (based on a factual story) and it's never recovered. Now there's reason to believe there's a mole in the unit, so Wells is brought in to go over there to see if he can discover anything. And he's met with overt hostility by the CIA people there. So he heads out into the Afghanistan wilderness, where he encounters some bad guys. He travels to a US military base to give a speech and hears rumors that the military and the CIA are in leagu... moree with the Taliban, of all organizations, to sell heroin, and that there are special forces people involved too. Working with his old CIA boss back in the US, Wells finds out info that is crucial to his finding those involved and, of course you know he's going to save the day in the end, but it's pretty exciting to see it come to pass in the pages as you read. This isn't Berenson's best Wells novel, but it's pretty good. It sure kept me reading. And I learned a lot about Afghanistan and the military role over there, as well as the CIA. The thing I love about the author is he always seems to write the most realistic thrillers I've ever read, besting his contemporaries by far. Maybe it's his training as a reporter with the New York Times, or maybe he's just gifted, but I really appreciate that about him. I feel like I can trust his books, even though I know they're fiction. I'm giving this book five stars and I certainly recommend it.
review 2: This was the first book I've read in the John Wells series, thanks in part to the first reads program sending a copy in exchange for an honest review. The main character was likable, the situations and descriptions seemed accurate, and the setting is timely given the continued presence of the US in the Middle East. All in all, an interesting read, but after awhile I found the details too encompassing. That being said, I will most likely check out other books by Alex Berenson featuring John Wells because the story was a great modern spy thriller with a timely plot. less
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Can't go wrong with John Wells story. This one doesn't disappoint either.
Very addicting, hard to put down.
Great series!
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