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The Envoy: The Epic Rescue Of The Last Jews Of Europe In The Desperate Closing Months Of World War II (2010)

by Alex Kershaw(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 3
0306815575 (ISBN13: 9780306815577)
Da Capo Press
review 1: An absolute stunning look deep into the efforts of Raoul Wallenberg, a sympathetic upstander who risked his life to save as many Jews as possible from certain death in WWII Hungary. With the walls of war closing in from both directions Wallenberg, a Swede who did not carry the "neutrality" his political colleagues maintained, deftly finagled his way into reclaiming sentenced Jews of the Final Solution, determined to be wrought to fruition by the notorious Adolf Eichmann. But as the hours of the war peel off rapidly in time, the Russians prove to be no saviors for the trapped. And Wallenberg mysteriously disappears, to the consternation and despair of his family. Fabulous research on one of the greatest, yet somehow lesser known, heros of one of our planet's darkest era... mores; Kershaw delivers with the ferocity of a fictional thriller, proving that the most powerful and poignant stories are among us in volumes.
review 2: I rarely read fiction but this one read smoothly and easily. I admit I didn't know much about Raoul Wallenberg so was easily engrossed in his role in saving upwards of 100000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust. The description of the seige of Budapest was very interesting and I was immersed in how Wallenberg used psychology and his understanding of Nazi thinking to outwit them in saving as many Jews as he could be giving them protection under Swedish citizenship. I also never knew that he disappeared upon the Russian liberation of Budapest and that his family tried with very little results until 2000 to ascertain his whereabouts. To this day no one knows his true fate. He was undoubtably one of the most selfless individuals and humanitarians of the 20th century. less
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I highly recommend this book. Everybody should know about a hero like Raoul Wallenberg
Very well written and informative. Every history buff and humanitarian should read.
Wow, this is is a must read. I can't believe I didn't know this story.
Great story of a man who risked it all to save people from the Nazis.
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