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The Mousehunter (2007)

by Alex Milway(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
0316024546 (ISBN13: 9780316024549)
Little, Brown Young Readers
The Mousehunter Trilogy
review 1: An epic tale of pirates, mousehunting, giants, sea monsters, golden mice, hangings, stabbings, dung mice, elephant mice, nosferatu mice, messenger mice, moon howl mice, mice mice mice! Despite my bias in favour of rodents, this was an excellent book. It is suitably dark and spooky but silly at the same time. It has steampunk elements, pirate elements, fantasy elements… The whole package has a nice end, if a bit cliffhangery. The second book, The Curse of Mousebeard, looks even more fun.
review 2: While the story was cute and exciting by turns and the adult characters were rather well fleshed out, I was disturbed by the lack of foundation beneath all the kid characters in this book. They are simply mousekeepers in the employ of the various adults in the book a
... morend you get no sense of their personal histories at all. I think the young characters in a middle reader book should take center stage and that definitely wasn't the case here. Much more time was spent in the challenge of wills between Captain Mousebeard and his enemy Isiah Lovelock. This facet of the book was really well done, but I was disappointed that Emiline, who's picture graces the cover, really held so little power in the story. She instigates very little of the action and mostly does as she is told from beginning to end. I will read the next one, because I'm still hoping Emiline will come into her own at some point. This book definitely felt like the first in a series. It holds a lot of setup for more to come. less
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Adventure on the high seas with bearded pirates and an intrepid mouser. A fun read.
Recommended by Julia. Enjoyable.
A great mouse adventure...
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