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Shadow Prowler (2002)

by Alexey Pehov(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 4
1847375634 (ISBN13: 9781847375636)
Simon & Schuster
Chronicles of Siala
review 1: This book is better then it sounds. Yes, it's cliche'd - but same way a good action movie or romantic story is. I liked the characters, I liked the subtle changes to the classic fantasy lore, and most of all I liked the storytelling - first-person, believable, ballanced. Definitely more "show" than "tell". So... yeah, this isn't The Next Best Thing, but it's an entertaining book and I'm picking the next part as soon as I can.
review 2: I was a bit lost in the beginning...the world of Siala is information-rich and relatively unknown. The races aren't stereotypical...especially not the elves. The history is rich...and it all takes some time to understand. I wasn't sure if I liked the book or not...but in the end I was pleasantly surprised. The characters are enj
... moreoyable and I am quite interested in how it all turns out. Looking forward to the next book. less
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loved this book. great detail and the main character is so unique but not unique.
This is one of the best books of the year... I love the comedy...
Too much endless talking/descriptions.
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