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Glitterland (2013)

by Alexis Hall(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 2
1626490244 (ISBN13: 9781626490246)
Riptide Publishing
review 1: I really enjoyed this book. Being in Ash’s head was frustrating and sad at times and yet he made me laugh and empathize with him. He is so broken, and was such a hot mess at times I was torn between wanting to hug him and shake him. And Darian, so simple and sweet. I loved how he accepted Ash and all his issues and loved him despite Ash’s determination to mess things up. The writing was also beautiful and oh so British that I needed my dictionary but I loved that about it as well.
review 2: This was a difficult book to read. Not because of the writing, it was superbly written with some great metaphor. It was because the author nailed on the head how depression effects a person so well, that being a person with a major depressive condition, I had to take a
... morebreak about half way through. I'm so glad I made it though. Darian was a fabulous character, sweet and funny and so Zen, he was exactly what Ash, with all his eccentricities, needed. I figure if a book can make me cry tears of joy and anguish at the end, it has done its job. Kudos. less
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Brilliant, heart-wrenching, hilarious and perfect. Read it!
More than 5 stars. The best m/m I have ever read.
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