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Someone (2013)

by Alice McDermott(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
0374281092 (ISBN13: 9780374281090)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
review 1: Memories of Pegeen Chehab begin and end this book of memories, a story of a life lived in Brooklyn in the Irish world between the great wars of WWI and WWII and then after the second. Marie, a young girl to an old woman with all the steps small and large in between. “Amadan,” Pegeen says to Marie. "That’s me.” A fool, a gawky young woman, always tripping, always having a tear in her stocking. Yet with a bright eye and a plan to catch her man. But this was a life cut short by a fall, bringing Marie to the first of many confounding losses that flow through this book, where the losses seem writ larger than the victories. A completely wonderful novel. Beautifully written. Every character real, nothing out of place.
review 2: Had I reviewed this book immedia
... moretely after reading it, I may have given it 4 stars. The writing was beautiful, even if the flow was slow. However, after only a few weeks, I had to go back and read the synopsis, because in that short time I had completely forgotten the book - characters, setting, all of it. Reading it felt a bit like people watching, where you catch snatches of people that are interesting in the moment, but without a context or actual plot, the moment passes, and I was left unchanged. Wanted to love it, but just "liked it" in the end. less
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Loved it. Alice McDermott is a master prose stylist. What she does with the quotidian is remarkable!
Enjoyed it very much about an ordinary life that we discover is not so ordinary.
This is such a beautiful book. I absolutely loved it.
small story, big punch.
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