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Simply From Scratch (2010)

by Alicia Bessette(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 1
0525951822 (ISBN13: 9780525951827)
Dutton Adult
review 1: It's rare I cry while reading a book. Of course, Robin Williams died while I was reading this book, But I think I was teary eyed before I found out of his passage. I can count about 4 books previous to this one which made me well up in one way or another. 4 out of a million, it seems. This book is now added to such list. It seemed I cried throughout. Death being so prevalent on tv and the news, and this woman in the book dealing with her own grieving and loss of her husband. The author did a fantastic job of describing the tugged heart strings of the main character, Zell, and how she felt day in and day out, not being able to do things she used to because it was so painful, yet she carried on in her own way. There were two quotes that struck me as I read the book, so I'm... more adding them to the review so I won't forget. Powerful stuff and very timely. One quote was something to the fact that the only thing harder than death is life. And the other was "life used to be so simple. I've got to start from scratch now. Every day, every minute, it seems." Both are So true! This was a fun, heart warming, tugs at your own heart strings, book. I'm still a little weepy as I finish the last page, but I like to know what's next, and I don't know what's next or what happens. I suppose it's part of the grieving process, even if it is just a book.
review 2: I don't know if it was "right book right time" or what but I loved it! I was looking for something a little bit lighter to counterbalance my latest (mostly non-fiction) book club reads. I couldn't put this one down. I breezed through it in 4 bedtimes! It usually takes me forever to read a book because I fall asleep after ten minutes. But I had to make myself go to bed every night! It was such a lovely read about friendship, loss, and finding your way through the other side. Full of heart and hope! less
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Quick read, cute story, but still kind of boring
Very sweet story
3.5 stars
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