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Little Mouse (2013)

by Alison Murray(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 1
1423143302 (ISBN13: 9781423143307)
review 1: Those of us with kids have some sort of pet name or nickname for them, this little girl’s mom calls her “her little mouse” but as you quickly will see, she is nothing like a mouse. Each spread takes us through a parade of animals to show us how different she is from that little mouse. She is “brave” like a lion, and “tall” like a giraffe, and “strong” like a bull. I was drawn to this book’s illustrations and the quality of the print itself. The bright pastel colors with outlined characters and black text is perfect for a story time setting allowing everyone to see the details and the text. The curious reader will love finding the little mouse that follows our girls from page to page.
review 2: A little girl explains how she does not alway
... mores fit her nickname of " little mouse" that her mother gave her. Sometimes she feels as brave as a lion or as loud as an elephant. Alison Murray has created a highly emotive book filled with illustrions done in a classic 1950's style--- children will want to act right along with the story.Reviewer 17- (has also received a star review from Booklist) less
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a sweet story that begs for children to act out different zoo animals
I really like her illustration style. P really liked the story.
Cozy book perfect for bedtime. I loved the illustrations.
Precious protests against a perfect pet name.~Monty K.
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