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As The Earth Turns Silver (2009)

by Alison Wong(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 1
0143011677 (ISBN13: 9780143011675)
Penguin Books (NZ)
review 1: Honest and profound sense of both mother-child and cross-racial relationships, and their machinations within pre-WWI New Zealand society. The chapters were extremely short and shifted between character perspectives just enough to pull the pace along nicely. This book contains some "local nudges" and is probably more fun if you know a little bit about Wellington geography. All in all, an impressive first novel!
review 2: An historical romance across the divide – not at all the kind of thing I usually read but this was a poignant, well-paced, beautifully written account of a tragic love-affair in early 20th Century New Zealand. The only problem I had was with the style which felt, at times, a little distanced from the characters - it’s a first person narra
... moretive but you feel as though the characters are speaking from outside themselves, watching events rather than experiencing them that gives the narrative a detached and dreamlike quality through even the most violent and extreme events - not necessarily a bad thing, it’s part of this novel’s unique narrative quality, but occasionally, it became a little cloying, there were times when there was a real need of more energy, when much needed anger and passion were distinctly lacking. It's not a blockbuster, by any means, but very readable, complex and rich in detail. less
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A really interesting and beautifully written book.
3.75 good read didn't see that ending coming.
Lovely lovely book. Very moving.
Well written poignant nz novel
sad, but culturally rich
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