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Unclean Jobs For Women And Girls (2011)

by Alissa Nutting(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 3
0984213325 (ISBN13: 9780984213320)
Starcherone Books
review 1: Alissa Nutting is a good writer - I gave this book 4 stars after all. I'm not so sure about "innovative" fiction however. There is something about it that makes me feel alienated from what I am reading; makes me conscious of how unhip I am; makes me want to shout "Silence whippersnapper!" in my best Wizard of Oz voice; makes me long for Flaubert. There is a self consciousness about it, as if the author is telling you simultaneously the story and how clever, and unique, and imaginative she, or he, is. It's exasperating.
review 2: I think some of these stories were great, while others were just okay - I felt like perhaps I was missing something. Overall, very good despite feeling uneven. A few of the stories were incredible and have really stuck with me (an
... mored I can't get the image of the people boiling in the pot out of my head, ha!). I'm disappointed that I recommended this to my mom but it didn't really do anything for her, not at all. I hate when that happens. less
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I would love for everyone to read this anthology. Seriously, I adore these stories so much.
Beautiful and disturbing. Super quick but worth a second and third read.
Weird, like someone's dreams. But I like weird, soooo yeah.....
3.5 stars. Maybe 3.75.
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