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Cutting Edge: A Novel Of Suspense (2009)

by Allison Brennan(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 2
0345502760 (ISBN13: 9780345502766)
FBI Trilogy
review 1: The story was decent, and it's obvious the writer has done her research. However, the writing is incredibly pretentious. It's almost as if Brennan is trying to hard. Getting into the meat of this book was really difficult, but once I did I was able to just roll my eyes at the pretentiousness and trudge through it. All told, the story is a thriller with very little shock value, a rushed romance with little payout, and a lot of technical information that wasn't necessary for the story.
review 2: Do all law enforcement officers hump each other? I guess I am naive, but the last few novels I've read feature the men and women of law unable to get through a case without hopping into the sack together. I stumbled onto another romance-thriller, much to my chagrin. Th
... moree plot is interesting. Nora was reared by a revolutionary mother who is spending life in prison after Nora ratted her out years ago for trying to blow up a nuclear plant. Nora took care of her younger sister Quin after their mother's arrest. Years later, Nora is in theFBI and Quin is a Fire inspector. They end up working on a case where a bio labs is burned and a professor dies, but not during the fire in the lab; he was stabbed to death prior. The lab was under Duke Rogan's security watch, so he insists on helping Nora track down the perps. Duke also has the hots for Nora and she for him, so yeah, there is some soft porn action. It soon becomes apparent that Nora is the real target of the killer or killers. Again, good plot, but could have done without the romance. Plus side: Nora is not the single mother of a young son. I need to find me a new Harry Bosch book fast! less
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I really loved this book. Really like the Rogan's. Hope we see more of all of them
it wasn't stellar...a little ploddy (yup i'm making that a word) and repetitive
my first book by this author and im pretty sure it wont be my last
Loved it. Lots of twists & turns. Great suspense.
I am truly addicted to all of her books!
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