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Se Eu Morrer Antes De Você (2011)

by Allison Brennan(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 2
8579302773 (ISBN13: 9788579302770)
Universo dos Livros
Lucy Kincaid
review 1: I liked this one, I think I should have read all her other ones over again before starting this one, I cant remember who Kate and Dillian were, and I think im getting Lucy mixed up with Eve duncans series? Im not sure, lol, I kept getting all confused about it, I remember a lucy I think being an awesome computer programmer, so maybe this was it? this is why I think I should have read all the other ones first LOL. then I wasn't sure about the whole Noah thing, at first he seemed like he was going to be a main character, then all the sudden Sean came along and it was like byebye noah. but anyways, so I liked it:) not in a hellfire rush to read #2 though, so ut oh.
review 2: Another great Allison Brennan book! Lucy Kincaid lived a nightmare when she was eight
... moreeen. She survived an assault by a online predator, while her attacker died by her hand. Now, six years later, she wants to join the FBI and is doing everything in her power to become the best Agent. Working for an undercover victim's rights group, Lucy helps the police put rapistsm out on parole, back into prison where they belong.Problems begin when the guys she "set up" through online chats turn up dead. In addition, Roger Morton, one of the men who was in jail for his part on Lucy's assault, was out on the street and turns up dead as well... most likely killed by the same person who killed other rapists.Lucy must help the FBI find the killer, before she ends up as a victim again.I really liked this book and I'll definitely continue the series. It was easy to see the settings she was creating due to her writing descriptive style. The confusing part was the great amount of characters here. All the rapists, Lucy's family, Sean's family, the FBI agents and other background characters. They play their parts in the story, but they were presented all at once, making it a little bit hard to memorize them.My favorite characters were Lucy, with her strong will, and Sean, an amazing dude with a big heart. Kate Donovan was also very great. For a moment I had thought that there was going to be a love triangle between FBI Agent Noah Armstrong, Lucy and Sean, but I was relieved to see that wasn't the case.This is my third Allison Brennan book and, while I enjoyed it greatly, I wouldn't recommend it to someone who never read a book by her. A solid 4 star book. less
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Ugh. Don't read any more of her stuff.
I love this series! very nail biting
Great kickoff to this series!
Nice story line
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